Queen B Thin Birthday Candles x8
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Queen B Thin Birthday Candles x8

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Queen B Thin Birthday Candles x8

Queen B's beeswax candles are hand poured from quality Australian 100% beeswax with a pure cotton wick. They are completely natural so they burn without dripping or smoking.

Each candle is expected to burn from approx 30 mins depending on surrounding conditions. 

Aromatic and warming, beeswax purifies the air by emitting negative ions.

Queen B beeswax is sourced from local Australian beekeepers. The exact locations are seasonal and dependent upon availability. The beekeepers do not use chemicals or antibiotics to treat their bees, hives or equipment. Quite simply, it is pure beeswax as nature intended.

Crafted by hand, not churned by machine. No paraffin, soy, palm, fragrances or other toxic additives. Made with a pure cotton wick. 

Dimensions: Approx 5-12 mm

Brand: Queen B


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