Soopsori Fruit & Veg Set
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Soopsori Fruit & Veg Set

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Soopsori's all-natural Fruit & Vegetable Play Set will spark an appetite for imagination and healthy eating! Crafted from colourful, all-natural woods, this play set's unique design allows your child to "cut" fruits and vegetables more smoothly and safely. Food items are made up of two parts that fit and stay together perfectly due to the embedded magnets. However, as soon as your little chef begins to "cut" into the fruit or vegetable, the halves “magically” separate. 

Featuring 15 different pieces - including two plates, a cutting board, a "knife", a mushroom, a carrot, canvas carrying bag and more - this remarkably well-crafted play set will keep your little chef engaged in imaginative play for countless hours.

Soopsori eco-friendly wooden toys are carefully handcrafted and use 20 different types of natural wood to create their beautiful colour & texture. They are safe to touch & put in the mouth as natural oil is used for coating.

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