Pudding and Chips
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Pudding and Chips

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Pudding the goose is as fierce as a tiger, as prickly as barbed wire and as noisy as a street full of fire engines! the only animal on the farm who isn't afraid of Pudding is the sheepdog, Chips. they live in a constant state of humorous conflict and harmony on the farm with Old Annie and all the other animals. When, on warm, windy nights a big red fox starts to come creeping through the paddocks, things change on the farm. Pudding changes too, all the honk seems to have gone out of her. then one night, just like the other geese, Donna and Dot, she just disappears. this longer picture book text (with a happy, positive ending) has engaging characters, a strong storyline and wonderful use of language.

Age group: 3 and above

Brand: Floris

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