Varis Fix & Lock Twister Marble Run
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Varis Fix & Lock Twister Marble Run

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Marble Racing Has Never Been So Fun! Varis Fix-and-Lock Twister Edition Marble Run will offer kids endless hours of marble racing fun thanks to its game-changing design and technology! 

Fix and Lock Marble Run combines premium birch hardwood parts with innovative plastic connectors to create and re-create all sorts of marble run variations. And thanks to the Fix-and-Lock Technology the parts stay firmly in place yet are easy to dissemble and reassemble! 

Now kids can race their marbles and experience the sheer thrill of a racing game while developing essential skills! 

Marble Runs help stimulate logic and spatial thinking in children. Combining elements of a game with balls and gravity three dimensional perceptions are improved through experimentation. Marble Runs can keep children (and adults) stimulated for hours.

Brand: Varis

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