Drei Blatter

Drei Blaetter is a small wooden toy manufacturer based in Radolfzell, Germany. Under the direction of founder and owner Andreas Syré, the company has been developing wooden toys since 1986. At the beginning of the business Andreas Syré employed several craftsmen who made the popular wooden toys in the in-house carpentry shop. Nowadays he also has workshops in Brandenburg which employ disabled people and work in collaboration with youth projects to help in the production process.

For more than 30 years the company has produced toys made from natural wood from trees such as Birch, Spruce and Beech which are harvested from renewable resources. The surfaces are finished with natural oils and organic glazes not only to protect it but so that they can be safely put into the mouths of babies and children.

With its toys, the company wants to create long lasting value, beloved pieces that do not break after a short use and then eventually disappear in the depths of the boxes of small children. Their dedication to their materials and careful production speak for themselves. Just as every tree is an original, every wooden toy from Drei Blaetter is unique and is made to withstand the test of time.