About Us

The Play To Learn Story...

Hello and welcome to Play To Learn, so happy you are here.

I'm Lisa, founder of Play To Learn. I've been working in the Early Childhood field for 25 years, I am a qualified Early Childhood Educator. I began Play To Learn 15 years ago after realising that there was a lack of quality products to create inviting environments for children that were natural and open ended.

So the journey began to becoming a small business owner.

Fair trade...

My initial focus was finding the best quality natural products supporting fair trade. While it is a priority to support local Australian made products I also support our international producers. Purchasing fair trade craft gives the opportunity to buy ethically produced handmade items without the exploitation of the producers. Fair trade supports the disadvantaged in the developing world by giving them a fair wage. Fair trade ensures there is no abuse of child labour. 

My personal journey...

Along the way my husband Anthony and I started planning to have a family, this was not an easy journey... filled with heart ache and loss over 7 long years. Even though it was challenging in so many ways it’s something I’m so grateful for as I learnt so much and I’ve grown in such a positive way. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and some other health challenges. This led us to taking a huge leap of faith into the world of international surrogacy and our baby girl Milla was born in 2016. Words truly cant express the gratitude and love we feel each and every day for the team of people who supported us along the way. 

About a year before Milla was born I started to look more closely at the food we were eating, the products I was putting on my body and the environmental toxins we were exposed to. Wow... did this open up Pandora's box.

Play To Learn proudly supports Eco Friendly, Non Toxic, Sustainable products...

I felt more inspired to research and find the best quality products made from sustainable materials that are safe, non-toxic that really mean 'non-toxic' and Eco friendly. It is our responsibility to keep children healthy and safe.

Do you know?

Most plastic toys are made in factories using chemicals such as BPA, Phthalates and PVC that has been linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, development delays, and reproductive system damage. Scary... and wrong!

Together lets make better choices.... buy less....buy better quality! 

So let me ask you.... do you remember what it was like to be a child?

At Play To Learn I want to capture the essence of childhood by providing the ingredients for children’s growth and development. Play is one of the most important needs a child has. All the resources encourage children’s imagination, sense of wonder and curiosity.


Feel free to browse my site to find something you love and order online. I can visit you at your service and we can also attend your Early Childhood conference or training day. If you are a Kinder teacher or Early Childhood Educator please feel free to contact us to organise a visit to my studio to choose your resources. I am based on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. 

Please join the vibrant group of loyal customers engaging in the 'Play To Learn' community over on my Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages and feel free to sign up to our newsletter for updates of products and special offers.

Warmest thanks for your interest in supporting Play To Learn... my dream... my Australian business. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Lisa xoxo