About Us


Do you remember what it was like to be a child?

At Play To Learn we want to capture the essence of childhood by providing the ingredients for children’s growth and development. Play is one of the most important needs a child has. We have carefully chosen resources to reflect our belief that a child plays to learn. Our resources encourage children’s imagination, sense of wonder and curiosity.

If you are in the Early Childhood field, a parent or have children in your life we can provide eco friendly, non toxic quality toys, books and much more that are ethically produced.

We will visit you at your service and we can also attend your Early Childhood Conference, Training Day or Expo. 


Play To Learn proudly supports Eco Friendly, Non Toxic, Sustainable and Fair Trade products...

11 years ago when Play To Learn began we took the time to research and find the best quality products made from sustainable materials that are safe, non-toxic and Eco friendly. It is our our responsibility to keep children healthy and safe while offering aesthetically pleasing nurturing learning spaces.

While it is our priority to support local Australian made products we also support our international producers. Purchasing Fair Trade Craft gives the opportunity to buy ethically produced handmade items without the exploitation of the producers.  Fair Trade supports the disadvantaged and the most vulnerable producers in the Developing World by giving them a fair wage. Fair Trade cares for the individual and the environment and ensures there is no abuse of child labour.

Do you know?

Most plastic toys are made in factories using chemicals such as BPA, Phlatates and PVC that has been linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, development delays, and reproductive system damage. Scary... and wrong!

Together lets make better choices.... buy less....buy better quality! Lets support Fair Trade and enjoy the vibrant and diverse range of products that are available.

Please feel free to contact us to discover more about Play To Learn.