So let me ask you.... do you remember what it was like to be a child?

At Play To Learn I want to capture the essence of childhood by providing the ingredients for children’s growth and development. Play is one of the most important needs a child has. All the resources encourage children’s imagination, sense of wonder and curiosity.

If you are a Kindergarten Teacher or Early Childhood Educator 

If your service is located on the Sunshine Coast please feel free to contact us to organise a visit to your service, I can bring a wide range of resources to view and purchase. I can invoice your service and you then have 14 days to make payment.

Whether you are opening a new centre or you are updating and existing one and you need support setting up the play spaces I can offer consultation services. I can also attend your Early Childhood conference or training day if you are located in Melbourne or Queensland. On the Sunshine Coast in Queensland I have a studio set up with a wide range of resources, please get in touch if you would like to visit. Feel free to browse my site to find something you love and email for invoice payment options.

Play To Learn proudly supports Eco Friendly, Non Toxic, Sustainable products...

On my journey I felt so inspired to research and find the best quality products made from sustainable materials that are safe, non-toxic that really mean 'non-toxic' and Eco friendly. It is our responsibility to keep children healthy and safe. Together lets create simple, inviting and nurturing learning spaces for children.