Choroi Pentatonic Recorder Flute
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Choroi Pentatonic Recorder Flute

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The Quinta Pentatonic Recorder Flute is a newly developed pentatonic flute made of pear wood without a tone block. It has a slightly stronger tone than those with a tone block and a very light articulation. The interval and pentatonic flutes were specially developed for use by children particularly in groups.
With the newly designed labium and windway no separate toneblock is needed.
All the Choroi flutes are characterized by a warm light flexible tone. Compared with traditional instruments the Choroi flutes possess a tone that sounds more like a voice than an instrument.
A free outbreathing rather than an active blowing forms the foundation for the tone. The mouth and lip positions also contribute to the tone formation. The fingers gently touch the specially formed finger holes which allow half-steps to be achieved naturally by half-covering the holes.

All flutes must be treated monthly using exclusively the Choroi Flute oil or pure jojoba oil.

Age group: 5 and above

Brand: Choroi

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