Fagus Basic Model Truck
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Fagus Basic Model Truck

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The Fagus Basic Truck is a great first vehicle for any child. Its design and extensions allow your child to turn it into the vehicle your child needs right now. The little tray in the back can transport rocks, sand, toys and other important treasures from one place to another. The Fagus Basic Truck comes with two removable wooden peg dolls that sit inside the driver's cabin. It's fully steerable thanks to the knob on top of the driver's cabin and the black rubber tyres not only make the truck look more realistic but also give the truck more grip on smooth surfaces.

The Fagus basic truck can be easily converted into different types of vehicles by adding various extensions or attachments which are sold separately. 

Fagus hold one of the highest standards for wooden toy vehicles and marble runs in the world, making them an heirloom quality toy.

All Fagus toys are made of beechwood (the Latin word fagus = beech). The wonderful wooden cars and trucks by Fagus are handcrafted without the use of nails, screws or staples; instead they are interlocked, dowelled and glued together, giving them a superior finish to other vehicles on the market, and making them safer for little hands to play with.

Fagus support people with special needs to find meaningful work. All Fagus vehicles are made at Büngern-Technik, a special needs workshop recognised by the Federal Institute of Labour in Germany. Under the instruction and guidance of specially trained professionals, the employees produce all the models in the Fagus collection.

Brand: Fargus

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