Grimm's Rattle Blue
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Grimm's Rattle Blue

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Babies will love the Grasping Toy Rattle with Blue Rings from Grimm's because it gives them many different sensory experiences. It’s perfect for very young children as they begin to reach for things, feel for them and respond to all the different sounds in the lit surrounding environment. Grimm's rattles and grasping toys are also perfect for when they starts teething. They all have been finished so the natural grain is still apparent making every one unique and one of a kind. They are hard or soft, heavy or light and feel good in the hands due to it’s warm and distinct surface. The colours are non-toxic, made from water based color stains, absolutely harmless and tested in-depth for colour fastness to saliva.

Materials: Grimm's Grasping Toy Rattle with Blue Rings made from alder and maple wood, non-toxic plant based oil finish. Handmade in Germany by Grimm's Wooden Toys. Grimm's wooden toys are known the world over for their unique tactile texture, their vibrant water colours, and their thoughtful and imaginative toys designs.

Dimensions: L 8 cm

Age group: From 6 months

Brand: Grimm's

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