Grimm's Steeped Roofs-Pastel
Grimm's Steeped Roofs-Pastel
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Grimm's Steeped Roofs-Pastel

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Grimm’s Stepped roofs are a beautiful creative element to bring to your building palette. The addition of 12 wooden stair building pieces, allows every building to be climbed, a transition from bottom to top and back again. They complement the Grimm’s large variety of construction and play materials.

These stepped blocks have a wonderful array of configurations. Two stair elements can be placed together to make a roof line and allow magical little worlds with fantastic architecture to transpire.

Contains: 12 wooden stepped pieces

Age group: 3 and above

Materials: Lime wood and non toxic water based colour stain and oils.

Dimensions: L 4cm x W4cm x H10cm 

Brand: Grimm's 

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