Plywood My First Laptop Puzzle
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Plywood My First Laptop Puzzle

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The most powerful (wooden) laptop ever made!

It has all the keys as well as a mouse and other computer related goodies.

The screen is also removable and its made with a little ‘Tech Puzzle’ with all the important bits a rocket engineer in the making could need.

Finally, you can take the puzzle part out and replace it with some paper so it now works “like dad’s iPad”.

So versatile, really, you should just chuck out your computers right now - this one doesn’t even need a charger!

Dimensions: This one has a lot of pieces (98!), and lots of small pieces (so, as with all Plyful toys, for 3+) with the laptop measuring about 37cm wide and 26cm high when the laptop is setup.

Brand: Plywood

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