Sarah's Silks Starry Night Scape
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Sarah's Silks Starry Night Scape

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Sometimes toys that get the most play from children do not appear immediately to the adult as a toy, yet they become very much cherished and played with everyday. This large playscape is one of those "toys". Not only is the starry night scape magical and enchanting, the large size and length ( 3 feet by 9 feet long)  of the playscapes  makes it very useful for so many types of imaginative play. Below are some suggestions by Sarah Lee from Sarah Silks but no doubt there are many more ideas for this versatile play scape. 

Make a:

  • canopy over a bed
  • create a play space
  • hang in a doorway as a puppet theatre
  • build an enchanting club house
  • wrap yourself up in one
  • two people hold the ends while little ones run underneath
  • make a cubby 
  • create canopy over a playstand.
  • use a play rug

Hand wash as needed and iron on a medium iron to restore the shine. 

Dimensions: 3 feet wide and 9 feet long.

Age group: of all ages

Brand: Sarah's Silks

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