Stuka Puka Busy Bee Wooden Puzzle
Stuka Puka Busy Bee Wooden Puzzle
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Stuka Puka Busy Bee Wooden Puzzle

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A puzzle dedicated to the most industrious of insects - the honeybee. As Albert Einstein used to say, without them man will have four years of existence, so we urge you to adopt bees, plant flower meadows or exposing water to these precious insects on hot days.

One of a series of educational wooden puzzles by Stuka Puka, children can get to know about the bee's anatomy, find out where wax is produced, where the pollen is stored and how her eyes are built.

9 Elements plus base and cover.

Stuka Puka is a Polish wooden toy maker combining unique design, educational values and natural materials. Each item in their range is produced with great thought to produce educationally accurate puzzles. Their products are made of the finest materials, hand-finished and safe for the little ones. Stuka Puka are passionate believers that learning through play is a great way to stimulate creative young minds.

Dimensions: 24 x 28 x 0.8 cm

Brand: Stuka Puka

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