Tomten and the Fox
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Tomten and the Fox

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It's a cold winter's night and a hungry fox is creeping through the snow. He sees a hen house full of tasty chickens to eat - but he's forgotten about the old tomten who guards the farm... This is a classic story of a mischievous fox, a wise, kindly tomten and their unlikely friendship. This new edition of the much-loved picture book from the bestselling author of Pippi Longstocking is accompanied by beautiful illustrations by popular illustrator Eva Erikkson.  Depicting the traditional Swedish character of the house elf, or tomten, this classic story is perfect for sharing with young children on a wintry evening. Erikkson's illustrations of the wry fox and the watchful gnome are full of character and warmth, and her moonlit, snowy scenes are the perfect landscape for an active imagination. From 4-7 years.  

For Ages: 4-7yrs
22.2 x 0.9 x 26.2 cm

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