Wattle & Clay Paint Set
Wattle & Clay Paint Set
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Wattle & Clay Paint Set

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This set of natural paints features 100% pure pigments from the Earth, and has been handcrafted in Australia to provide your child with a fun and safe experience, while caring for the environment.

Collection inclusions:

  • 6 packets of powdered paint, with colours derived from fruits, flowers, vegetables and spices, combined with mineral and botanical elements
  • 1 packet of botanical thickening agent
  • 6 compostable bioplastic mixing cups with lids
  • Houses in a durable, space saving white metal tin

Use these 6 vibrant colours of the rainbow to create works of art, rainbow rice, play-dough, dyes for fabric, kinetic sand, water play, or whatever other wonders you can dream up and enjoy.

  • Can make up to 2L of paint, depending on paint consistency – from watercolour to gel paste
  • All biodegradable, sustainably sourced, and recyclable components
  • 100% pure pigments from the Earth
  • Non toxic. No synthetic fillers, preservatives, or petroleum-based nasties

Age group: 2 and above

Brand: Earth Paint

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