Chemicals in Home Corner?

chemicals in home corner

Chemicals in Home Corner?

Sneaky troublemakers! At Play To Learn, I’m all about making playtime both fun and safe. Need a little more encouragement to go all natural? Here are my top reasons to make the switch...

 Chemical Exposure: Polyester and nylon, the usual suspects in synthetic materials, are loaded with harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates. They sneakily seep into our skin, causing all sorts of health issues.

 Durability & Longevity: Synthetic materials? Meh. They're like the one-hit wonders of playtime. They wear out faster than you can say "playtime's over" meaning you'll be replacing them more often than you'd like.

Environmental Impact: Real talk... synthetic materials are born from non-renewable resources. And the process? Let's just say it's not exactly eco-friendly. Cue the energy intensive production and the growing mountain of landfill waste. Not cool.

Why settle for synthetic play food when you can indulge in my natural, chemical free options? There are so many beautiful yummy sets I know your children will adore. My top favourite right now are the pancakes, cupcakes and icecream set.

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