Small World Play

Small World Play

Inviting children into small world play offers children the opportunity to nurture their imagination and also explore many different materials. Small world play is very important as it also builds language development, supports social interactions and supports right brain function.
Here are some of my favourites and some new products that have arrived in stock recently. Felt mats set the scene for small world play so I love using any of the felt mats such as this new volcano dinosaur mat.


When choosing resources look at quality natural materials. Play is one of the most important needs a child has. We as the adult can add many different resources to invite them in. I love adding in trees such as these beautiful seasonal trees and items from nature such as gumnuts, leaves and crystals.

When offering small world play you can start off small and add items as you go along or you can set it all up at once. Adding animals and books and people is another great idea.... choose items that are suited to your child's interests. This mermaid mat has been set up with coral reef fish, star fish, felted rocks and a book. It looks so inviting doesn't it?!

If you are a parent or work in an Early Childhood setting and need guidance in choosing resources for small world play feel free to contact me to chat, I'm always happy to give advice as I know sometimes it can be hard to choose from so many gorgeous products.
Together let's invite childrens into small world play.


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