Celebrating Autumn

Celebrating Autumn!

Giving children the opportunity to watch the world around them change is so exciting. Exploring your child's favourite parks and playgrounds during the autumn season allows them to witness all of the changes that the autumn weather brings. Think about all the things you can talk about, the colours, the leaves, the seasonal foods, the cooler nights and so much more.
Together let's celebrate Autumn with a few treasures to add to your celebration table.

Setting up your seasonal Autumn table can be simple or big, its totally up to you. I always encourage a silk cloth as a base, any silk in orange, brown and yellow tones. My favourite is the Silk Earth Desert as its tones are perfect.
After adding your silk to your table the world is your oyster. You can add people, animals, candles, celebration decorations to your decoration ring, you can add Autumn tone mandala pieces and so much more. Go on get creative with the children, Im sure they will love creating a season table. Id really love to see so many more parents and Early Childhood Educators celebrating all the seasons with a seasonal table.

Remember that celebrating Autumn with the children doesn't have to be complicated. Keep it simple to start off and then slowly add pieces that you can purchase and pieces you can find out in nature. Add lots of open ended materials too as we know how creative children can be when they have the opportunity.
Sarah's Silks have wonderful dress ups too that you can add to your Autumn play. Check out the skirts, wings and capes. I hope you love them just as much as I do.


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