Sensory Play

We all know the value of play and how vital it is to support sensory play.
Sensory play stimulates our senses – touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. It helps children interact with and make sense of the world that surrounds them.

I have come across a great local brand called Explore Nook that is absolutely brilliant. Designed by an Early Childhood educator passionate about designing natural toys that foster open-ended play opportunities for children.
My favourite piece is the Water Wheel. The sensory learning experiences are endless and the learning benefits allowing children to learn about energy creation, cause and affect, gravity and physics concepts are life long.

This natural crafted open-ended Wooden Water Ways set is perfect for children to investigate and experiment with water flow outdoors. The timber wooden channels are made from sustainable approved pine wood and are coated with a water proof oil. 

Children can construct their own wooden watercourses and then watch the water cascade down these rustic wooden channels as they pour the water down a handcrafted wooden funnel. 

When children are finished with the water for the day the resource can also be used with marbles.  

This wooden toy boat can handle cargo such as natural found treasures such as small pebbles, sticks, gum nuts or other favourite characters ready to head on an exploration sea voyage adventure!

There really are no boundaries! I love it!

If you are interested in converting your sandpit or sensory play area from plastic to a more tactile natural play space then this Wooden Bucket & Scoop set is great.

The beautiful wooden bucket is made for durability at the beach or sand-pit, for carrying water, sand or little treasures. 
Children will also love experimenting with water, and pouring sand with the Wooden Funnel & Cup set! This wooden funnel is the perfect size for small hands to grip and the large wooden cup with super sized handle makes pouring so easy! 

For more information and images on the rest of the range feel free to browse my website. I hope you love the range as much as I do.

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